REI Fortunes

+passive +income +real +estate +investing

+passive +income +real +estate +investing

We have the years of experience in home building and  transforming structures into timeless and memorable living spaces!

One of our recent properties sold for $95,000 over list price in 28 days. Annual return of 32%. It's a real estate investor's dream.

We are booked out 3 months in advance and there is a waiting list, so book an investment  strategy session with Gary and learn more about becoming a private lender investing in real estate. 

A Real Estate Redevelopment Company

Here at REI Fortunes, we provide unparalleled opportunities to our investors. Whether you’re looking for an investment home, villa, resort, and more, our team will make it come true.




Annual ROI



Our Numbers

15 apartment buildings renovations

5 Custom Luxury Homes Constructions

15 Lot Subdivisions

120 Brokerage Retail Transactions

Invest in luxury homes and high-end real estate

Fill in the online application and let us know about you. It only takes 3 minutes.

Sit back and relax while Gary, Leweva and Ginger do the initial research for you.

Get on a one-to-one call with us and let's get you started.

Ginger Faith, Co-owner/PML VP

“Our equity is built in the purchase of the home, where we are buying 30-40% below a retail buyer – that creates instant equity at purchase.” 

Gary Massari
CEO of REI Fortunes

Why REI Fortunes?

We use proven methods such as “velocity banking” and “forced appreciation” to ensure that our private investor will get the returns we projecy.

Over $90 million sold in Real Estate, subdivided land and custom built luxury homes. 15 renovations, 5 constructions, 15 lot subdivisions and 120 retail transactions.

Whether you’re looking for an investment home, villa, resort, and more, our team will make it come true. We redefine real estate investments by bringing them closer to first timers.

You leverage your capital, and we do the rest. Our real estate experts will handle all the aspects of investment, so your money will grow during your sleep.

We started this company to offer signature properties for a lower cost. We set you out to become a prolific investor while managing the risks.

We will help you avoid the risks associated with money lending. They will also help you build an impressive portfolio that will attract more passive income.

Don’t be limited by money.

Get onboard and watch your money grow.

The process is simple and it takes only a few minutes to fill the initial form. Gary, Leweva and Ginger will be in touch soon with a personalised plan for you.